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Lineage 2 Helios Private Server

Donwload our launcher

Download the Tenkai Updater. This launcher will make sure that your client files match with our server version and download anything that's not up to date.

Create your account

Click on the button below to create your account


 Put the Tenkai Updater inside the Game folder (outside the system) and run it and press "UPDATE", it may take some minutes or hours if you don't have the client. After it finishes update run a full check just so it verify everything is there and up to date to avoid any problems.Once the launcher ends its check, you're ready to go with the play button!

Vote for us and get rewards!

Don't forget to vote every 12 hours to get your rewards.


If you would like to help us affording the server costs and expanding it you can donate through various methods.

The items that you can get after donating are Coins of Luck or Gold Einhasad (depending on your donation method), which can be exchanged for prizes or used as trade coin in our Vasper server.

1 Coin of Luck is equivalent to 100 Gold Einhasads.

Before donating, be sure to agree to the next statements:

- You are making a DONATION, which means that you are sending money to us voluntarily.
- You are not expecting any kind of special treatment in this community as a donor.

NOTE: There is NO WAY to get anything that is not offered by the in-game NPC. If you want any item or service that is not offered at the moment, post it at the suggestions forum.

Now you can choose which one of the following ways to donate fits the best for you. Just click on any of these links and more information will pop up: