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    • tyrrs - constantly 35k from aoe hits, i think they have skill crit rate 100%, but the fact is that they hit way to hard for they're stats : 100k cp and 150k hp or more, and 2x recovering hp skills and 1 barrier and a lot of p.def, for example on a light armor +23 with shirt, diamond and all talismans i take 35k from tyrr aoe and 45k from single skill, so i'm 3 hit for them, and an evi who is a big damage dealer and low p.def, with skills 2x or even 3x time more powerfull and more crit rate and power hits like a little girlĀ  p.s mages are oky 50-60k crit.
    • Update: Finished for now need honest feedback regarding the current formulas for classes , been about 5 days since i last touch the formula's to let things settle and see where everything stands i know some are complaining about tyrr and mage more important sayha which i took care of lowered them a little more to see everything else i see is fine on feoh considering they are paper, tyrrs im watching close but for now nothing stands to far out
    • The Tenkai was always good server, which ruins are actually the players. True, it may have made a mistake here and there, but nothing is perfect after all. But with effort you can have better results.
      What you have to really is this player that wants to benefit only the class that plays.
      I myself, I see all classes as useful, it is not possible that only 1 or 2 are playable within 32, perhaps?
      In Tenkai's hot days there was no one complaining about a specific class or that he was unbalanced.
      I just hope there are more players. In the meantime I'm going to play mode hoping to see all classes in a massive pvp
    • Im thinking was not good game but i think its going to be good game
      This we wish hear from you after the attention he gave to you
    • I think this is a good game, but I do not think it's going to be a good game. Thanks in advance for the attention with the players with the classes.
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