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    • Like if Pere liked to do this or any shit lol. Like if we closed it purposely lol.
      We won't be opening any new Tenkai, this is last farewell, what we did was giving more lifetime to the server since Inia couldn't afford it like at start, since she had school and such. 
      Pere has no interest in any topic related to Lineage II or such, he hates it and when we talked with him about this he used to ignore us since he doesn't want anything with Lineage II.

      I've been in Tenkai community since two years ago or more, I'm happy with the memories I made and also with the experience I had as a GM and learning about L2 developing and such. 
      Vasper was opened for all of us, the community, to enjoy it once again, but still people did what they wanted. They did PvP the time they wanted to, they did PvE the time they wanted to, some in much more time than others, but still, people made this and now they're blaming us just because we did what we could. 

      We didn't even want money, we just wanted the enough money to pay host bills and such, we didn't take not even one dollar from the money, we just kept saving it for host payment. 
      Again, Vasper was opened for the community, so we could enjoy it once again, but sadly we don't have enough time, people are playing for nothing since all the people left by their own mind, and we won't be burning our brain anymore for such a toxic community which is dedicated only to criticize instead of understanding. 
      Inia, Sylight, Knight, Dandi, Yami and me, we just dedicated to bring the best things we could do for you to enjoy them. We aren't mega developers like Pere, but we did what we could and it kinda worked. 

      Inia opened Vasper to learn more about developing since that's what she's studying, also for community. We joined her to help her and to know more.

      Money? We never had such things, and we never did it for that. And sorry, but if server closes, it's because of this toxic community who thinks that they can manage the server the way they want, tell staff of what they have to do, so stop your bullshit and gtfo. Even Pere said Tenkai has the most toxic community and he had reason all the times he said it.
      L2 Tenkai is closing its doors for the last time. 

      Thank you everyone. 
    • Sadly server will not open anymore and btw stay in topic pls this is tenkai farewell not another spam post yet again
    • always the same shit... you open 2 month the server and close it and after you will open other for close it in 2 months... always the same.  
    • Was so good playing here, but old days when just simple blessed r99 gear existed and rb jwls with verry low drop rate was best days...
      Glorry days or how was it called was the best here:)
      Bye Tenkai.
    • Well the salvation client will be pretty fun xD id like to find priv serv with that client in winter i hope so :D
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