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  1. Yesterday
  2. Like if Pere liked to do this or any shit lol. Like if we closed it purposely lol. We won't be opening any new Tenkai, this is last farewell, what we did was giving more lifetime to the server since Inia couldn't afford it like at start, since she had school and such. Pere has no interest in any topic related to Lineage II or such, he hates it and when we talked with him about this he used to ignore us since he doesn't want anything with Lineage II. I've been in Tenkai community since two years ago or more, I'm happy with the memories I made and also with the experience I had as a GM and learning about L2 developing and such. Vasper was opened for all of us, the community, to enjoy it once again, but still people did what they wanted. They did PvP the time they wanted to, they did PvE the time they wanted to, some in much more time than others, but still, people made this and now they're blaming us just because we did what we could. We didn't even want money, we just wanted the enough money to pay host bills and such, we didn't take not even one dollar from the money, we just kept saving it for host payment. Again, Vasper was opened for the community, so we could enjoy it once again, but sadly we don't have enough time, people are playing for nothing since all the people left by their own mind, and we won't be burning our brain anymore for such a toxic community which is dedicated only to criticize instead of understanding. Inia, Sylight, Knight, Dandi, Yami and me, we just dedicated to bring the best things we could do for you to enjoy them. We aren't mega developers like Pere, but we did what we could and it kinda worked. Inia opened Vasper to learn more about developing since that's what she's studying, also for community. We joined her to help her and to know more. Money? We never had such things, and we never did it for that. And sorry, but if server closes, it's because of this toxic community who thinks that they can manage the server the way they want, tell staff of what they have to do, so stop your bullshit and gtfo. Even Pere said Tenkai has the most toxic community and he had reason all the times he said it. L2 Tenkai is closing its doors for the last time. Thank you everyone.
  3. Last week
  4. Sadly server will not open anymore and btw stay in topic pls this is tenkai farewell not another spam post yet again
  5. always the same shit... you open 2 month the server and close it and after you will open other for close it in 2 months... always the same.
  6. Was so good playing here, but old days when just simple blessed r99 gear existed and rb jwls with verry low drop rate was best days... Glorry days or how was it called was the best here:) Bye Tenkai.
  7. Well the salvation client will be pretty fun xD id like to find priv serv with that client in winter i hope so :D
  8. Farewell Tenkai! <3 May you R.I.P!
  9. Goodbye Tenkai. I will miss you, even if I wasn't that active in the last year or so. I was always here. watching the forumsforinteresting stuff. It saddensme that a server with greatpotential must close, but I do understand the resons behind this choice. Unfortunately L2 is not thatpopular anymore and there are just no people left to play it. even the official NCsoft servers arestruggling with the players' numbers. Anyways, I will remeber tenkai and the fun that I had when I joined this server almost 6 years ago.... With the tons of bugs that we had to deal with in the begining (I can remeber that the kamels had insane dmg in PvP, because their passive that boosts pvp dmg wasbroken, or the problems with the summoners and their buggy summons lol). I'd like to thank the staff for giving from their time to keep alive this server for so many years. I really apriciate everything you did and I may say that for me, the server was really well made. Thank you once again!
  10. ya I had fun made some friends not happy at all with having put the time into this server jus to see it shut down again such bullshit
  11. The drama here was the best -__-
  12. R.i.P Tenkai
  13. Earlier
  14. So it's a good bye day, it was pretty funn, came back thinking it was going to be like it was but still funn, thanks to all, friends, enemies, fans, haters, staff and to l2 it self, many years playing the best game ever made, and i'm proud of what i've done. I'm sure tenkai will be back once again, don't know when, but it will, bigger and stronger than ever was, just wait, the best will take a break. pd: Want to know what the people will do know, stop to play, playing another server, or what >.< Extasis
  15. I Had so much fun here, playing all the characters and learning them over here either on oly or pvp. Even though i liked the server and i had many friends here i agree that the server should be shut down, the toxicity of the community here is just too big, rather then trying to improve themselves they would always cry that people are gm, have gm friend, they use bots or will just beg the gm for months to change the game to be benefiting their class, and the irony here is that people here were more angry actually because the gms listened too much to the people (oh the irony) it became the server where people tried to change everything whenever the loose 1 or 2 pvp and we ended up with a balance change every week, on a normal server people wouldnt be crying that much cuz they knew that gm wouldnt change shit just cuz 1 or 2 people cry about something, ofcourse i dont mean to offend any of the staff members i respect the work you tried to do and i know that all you were trying to do is to please the majority and i dont blame you for it or anything else, but with this community here the more you give the more you loose. But Putting that aside, thank you guys for sharing this experience with me, all the friends and ennemies. And thank you staff for at least trying to make something out of nothing and for the nerves to hold for so long with these "special" people. Yours Faithfully, Arez/Ares/Stomp and 20+ other chars
  16. Ufff just got my password back :D Was fun, hate, love unfortunately didint saw last moments of this great server ( deleted L2 completely ) But i can tell by far this is the server where i had the most of fun and spend hours/days/weeks/months/years ( omg, what the hell did i do with my life ? :D ) well guys see you around some where else, if any of my old friends are here you can add me on FB, in case one day I plan to play again with you nabzaros qq Babes hate ya all !! :D https://www.facebook.com/martynas.zeimys
  17. Well farewell guys, was fun since 2011? good memories were made!! Kind Regards !!! MrVampire / Furya / InjuRED
  18. Again? In two months you will just open another one right? Like always. Bye Tenkai, once again you wasted my time.
  19. I knew it was coming somehow but it is really sad, as i ve been here on the last time it "died" too, i'll take the good memories with me
  20. A beast will sleep now... So much feelings around this name "L2 Tenkai" oh God, come back with 2011-2012 times
  21. As Sylight said there is not much to say even if i would to say, Inia revived Tenkai but it need maintenance and time to keep it up, anyway Tenkai will be always the best private server i ever played, not much like source, even if Pere did great job, but for people here, staff and players included. Im here to say see you around cause im for good epilogue so lets Tenkai have his vacation it deserve and thanks again to Pere, Lastravel all staff that worked hard to keep it up during these years, Inia Sylight Yomi Yami Wolfi Dandi all the players and the good people and forgive me if im not mentioning all etc etc that always support server and us to go forward and for how concern me it was an honor for me to be part of the staff of this great server. At last if ever it will up again we agree to give compensation for the players that worked hard and supported server so no worry about that. Wish you best all!
  22. Tenkai wants to start off by saying we are very grateful that you guys played here from the old players new players that joined us even the complainers we had / qqrs but unfortunately the time has come for Tenkai to bid a farewell. The staff as you noticed is not so active some are busy with school like inia and yomi some of us have more important things unfortunately to tend to then the server to be truthful basically real life stuff, knight as always has tried his best to keep going and he always had one of us in staff to help him with anything he wanted to do but we all talked for few days now and we have come to the agreement its time to let Vasper close. So as final words Tenkai will be shutting down the 8th of May which is when the company will shut the server down since we cancelled payment towards them , as always files will be kept with the staff and will not be released, As most of you know Tenkai has had future projects but at this present time we don't have any planned for Tenkai and we probably wont unless we can put forth more time for you guys and be more useful in regards things we were suppose to do From Tenkai Vasper Staff we bid you a farewell.
  23. hi .. do not andenaline bot...  yes L2 helios .. 
    look : 


  24. Hi, lately we got some report about scam attempt to tenkai account information, so remember never share your account info, and dont send any username and or password and or email to nobody that isnt official tenkai launcher or tenkai forum. Said that we will try to understand from who these poor attempt to scam come to delete old actual and future account creation from these people in tenkai and remember to warn also your friends thanks. Also gm never will ask your password so dont give any info to who claim to be.
  25. i just login and all my charts dissapear not even once ,i chek all my accounts and nothing all gone wtf is going on?

  26. So basically a combination of two change logs that have honestly passed already that Yomi never posted. Changes Added a new option in our Teleporter to make it easier for people to move on Grand Boss zones. Re-implementation of Main Town system Pere created in a way that makes it easier for us to change Main Towns. Thanks to the reworking of farm zones, newbies will get items in a faster way. Fixes for items/skill Othell Skill corrected to reflect Helios Patch notes now Added missing race skill for Kamaels. Corrected skill 'Chain Blaze'. Rework of some skills. Correction of Issue regarding new Shirts both Physical and Magical Items Kelbim can now be used as App We have new shirts! Physical Reflect and Magical Reflect Shirt are here. You will be able to get them through a new Altar, available in our Teleporter. In the Other Zones, click on 'Priest of the Sun, Jisoo'. Jisoo can summon two bosses, descendants of the Sun and the Moon, who will reward you with many items, including Shirts. Farm Zones A whole rework of the current zones. Deleted some of them and moved drops to other zones to make it easier for newbies. We added Giant's Cave as a new farm zone! Giant's Cave will have two zones: The first zone, will be the easier one, for mid-geared players. The second zone, will be the hard one, for full-geared players. Event's PvPZone has been disabled due to abusers. Balance A complete work of all the classes in term of balance in general damage + their tankiness. It's not completely done, it will always be reworked based on the current version of Lineage 2. As for all the questions regarding Grand Crusade, we are planning on doing it but we are not Pere so..... xD. So don't expect super pro turn. Around at this present time Inia is working on it as best as possible between her school life.
  27. tyrrs - constantly 35k from aoe hits, i think they have skill crit rate 100%, but the fact is that they hit way to hard for they're stats : 100k cp and 150k hp or more, and 2x recovering hp skills and 1 barrier and a lot of p.def, for example on a light armor +23 with shirt, diamond and all talismans i take 35k from tyrr aoe and 45k from single skill, so i'm 3 hit for them, and an evi who is a big damage dealer and low p.def, with skills 2x or even 3x time more powerfull and more crit rate and power hits like a little girl p.s mages are oky 50-60k crit.
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