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  1. Kunogasai

    Changelog #6!

    At the start, this was going to be a little changelog, but it ended up being a HUGE one. Enjoy it! Changes Added a new Farm Zone: Atelia Fortress! Added 'Blue Cat's Eye' and 'Red Cat's Eye' to our Shop NPC. You can find them in 'Accesories > Brooches' section. Removed them from La Vie En Rose Jewelry Box. Tweaked 'Raider's Crossroads' drops for Superior Giant's Codex from ~1-10 to ~10-20. Fixed minor texts. Fixes for items/skills Fixed an issue with animation for 'Greater Sapphire'. Fixed an issue with passive skills from 'La Vie En Rose Elegant Brooch'. Fixed an issue with Sigel doing 0 dmg. Fixed an issue with La Vie En Rose Jewelry Box not giving Sapphire and some other jewels. Matched to Helios Skills changelogs. Song of Wisdom Master of Combat Added missing levels from skill 'Air Light'. Items Finally, we have Crafted Jewels completed! You will be able to upgrade the following jewels at 'Event NPC' for a charge of 50 Kail's Coins + your jewel. Lindvior's Earring Blessed Antharas' Earring Blessed Valakas' Necklace Frintezza Soul Necklace Baium's Soul Ring Queen Ant's Soul Ring Upgrade options. Starter Pack We are bringing back the Starter Pack for our newcomers. After a litte hard time making it work, I am happy to bring it to you! This pack will contain the next items: Blessed Antharas Earring (14-days) Lindvior's Earring (14-days) Blessed Valakas Earring (14-days) Tauti's Ring (14-days) Earth Wyrm Heart Ring (14-days) Ruler's Authority (7-days) We think newcomers need to have a chance to fight versus the old players in a short-time, that is why we are bringing the Starter Pack again! Farm Zones Our new Farm Zone, Atelia Fortress, will allow you to obtain Shiny Coins and Dragon Claws in a low chance if you go with a friendly dwarfie. Also, you can take some Superior Giant's Codex - Chapter 2 if you are lucky enough... You will have an oportunity to get a good amount of XP if you are at high levels... and if you are at low levels but you have friends, this is perfect for you. The Fortress is meant to be a Party Zone. If you have Dragon Weapons, it should be easy for you with two or three friends. If you have normal weapons, it should be easy for you with a healer and three-five friends. We tweaked 'Raider's Crossroads' drop rates of Superior Giant's Codex from ~1-10 to ~10-20 to make it easier for players to enchant their skills! Events We are bringing you the Elpy Event! This event is like the Stalked Stalkers, but instead of stalking someone with descriptions, you can kill who ever you want to! Some info about it: When you register in the event, you will be transformed into a cute Elpy. You will have 3 HP at your first life. When you kill someone, you will regenerate 1 HP. Every of your hits will do 1 damage. Everyone in this event will have the same Attack Speed and Speed. If you die, you are disqualified. In order to register, you should write '.elpy' when the event is available. Instances We are so happy of bringing back Instances back to the server! This will give both players, newcomers and olders, and an interesting way to get fun! There are two types of Instances: Solo Instances. Party Instances. Their reward will be Shiny Coins! If you want to have more information about it, you can check our Dimensional Door NPC 'Leonard' ingame.
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  2. Inia

    PvP Events

    Hi everyone! I've been working on some PvP events like many of you wanted and finally, there are 2 new events! _________________________________________________________ Automated 1v1 How does it work? Each 10 minutes the 1v1 event will be launched automatically, you will have 1 minute to register by writing ".register". You can also leave the queue by writing ".unregister". The engine will chose randomly 2 players. The players will be teleported in a arena with 15 seconds to prepare themselves, a NPC buffer will spawn during this preparation time. After this preparation time, the buffer will disappear and both players will be flagged, at the end both players get teleported back to the main town, removing their flag status. Oh, I almost forgot something... There is a item-restriction like in Olympiads! You wont be able to use Dragon Weapons, neither any potion that allows you to recover any of your HP/MP/CP. _________________________________________________________ PvP Zone How does it work? Each 30 minutes the PvP zone will open. In order to enter this PvP Zone, you must write ".pvpzone" to teleport and ".leave" to quit the PvP zone. The time for this event will be 10 minutes. The event handle assistances! This means that, like in FPS games, if you help someone to kill someone else, the player who killed and the player who assisted him, both will get rewards. As you may understand, this means you will get lower reward. Like in the Automated 1v1... There is a item-restriction like in Olympiads! You wont be able to use Dragon Weapons, neither any potion that allows you to recover any of your HP/MP/CP. Also, there is a party-restriction system. You won't be able to give party to any player inside of this event. _________________________________________________________ Rewards How does it reward us? I'm introducing a new function in Tenkai: Ranked Points Each PvP event will reward you with our new PvP Currency, Kail's Coin, and Ranked Points (in the future, this option will be used for many interesting things!) How does this Ranked Points thing work? The amount of Ranked Points earnt on each kill is based on the killed player current ranked points and your current ranked points. This means, if you have 1 points and your enemy has 100 points, you will earn a good amount of points, but if you had 100 points and your enemy had 1 point, you wouldn't earn much points. The killed player will lose points as well with the same system. This will be used to set the difficulty of the battle basing it on your points, and it makes matchmaking easier since we will use this points system. If you want to know your current points, you must write '.points' and System will give you a message with your current points. At the same time, you will be able to win both Ranked Points and our PvP Currency, Kail's Coin, thanks to our new system! The PvP shop will be implemented soon.
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  3. Kunogasai

    Changelog #5!

    Many Wynn fixings! Enjoy them. Changes Added new functions to 1vs1 Auto Event. Added new levels for 'Greater Servitor Haste', skill from Wynn Arcana Lord. Added new levels for 'Greater Servitor Might', skill from Wynn Spectral Master. Added new levels for 'Greater Servitor Death Whisper', skill from Wynn Elemental Master. Added a special tweak for Wynn Pets. Let's see if you like it! Added new PvP Shop options to the Event NPC, Charlotte. Fixes for items/skills Fixed 'Mass Servitor Blessing' missing debuff dispel. Fixed 'Mass Servitor Ultimate Defense' cooldown from 900 sec to 600 sec. Fixed 'Arcana's Call' missing stats. Fixed 'Elemental's Call' missing stats. Fixed 'Greater Servitor Death Whisper' missing stats. Fixed 'Power Stump' wrong target. Fixed new Greater Jewels not stacking error. Fixed an exploitable bug about Greater Ruby and Sapphire. Fixed Compound system not allowing you to create some new Greater Jewels. Balance We have created one new balance code. This new code will help us to tweak all classes or even each class we want to give them special damage regarding their roles. This means, for example, if we want to balance Feoh Soulhound (which is a defensive Feoh) to make less damage than, for example, Feoh Archmage, which is an offensive Feoh along Feoh Storm Screamer, we will be able to make it easier.
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  4. Sylight

    New Cap Balance System

    During the last Few days you might have notice the talk about rework of the cap's that were placed in the past , as of now most of them have been removed or re tweak to try and improve the classes, But after noticing we didn't take something into account like different classes are suppose to be different damage wise and that we had basically made all classes the same removing the difference between them we have developed a new cap balance which has been implemented into the server with a few start tweaks it allows us to tweak damage per class based and not over the general main classes yul, tyrr feoh and wynn instead we are now able to completely control each class and design tweaks for them which is where this topic comes into play. We need everybody to test it and give us feedback with SS showing the change between you and the target, all replies will be under a strict have to follow rules if you come into the topic and reply with something that has nothing to do with it you will be removed from the server we don't have time to read replies from brain dead people and random bullshit this is not going to be like discord general chat Feed back has to include a SS OR you can make a video but with as much detail as possible in replies Have fun ^^
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  5. Kunogasai

    Changelog #2

    General: New round of changelogs! Enjoy them. Added a new event, ‘Box Treasure’ In this event, you must search for three boxes at Talking Island and with them with your bare hands. There is a challenge… But you must discover it! Added new Wynn Elemental Master skill ‘Freezing Invoke’. Fixed P.Critical Damage and P.Critical Skill Damage little bug. Greater Obsidian... Fixed ‘Greater Obsidian – Cancel Target’ bug that was making you flag when used. ‘Greater Obsidian – Cancel Target’ now is passive and has a little chance of popping up. Buffed 10% PVP Damage for Feoh Soultaker. Buffed 10% PVP Damage for Feoh Soulhound. Vote NPC... Added Olympiad Hats (+5 Stats) to Vote NPC Shop. Price is 30 Mouse Coin’s. Added Ruler’s Belt to Vote NPC Shop. Price is 15 Mouse Coin’s. Added 2 New Special Soul Crystals! You will be able to buy them in Vote NPC Shop for 5 Mouse Coins, or, if you don't want to help us... For 100 Shiny Coins in Charlotte! Anakim Soul Crystal Stage 10: PvE.Othell: Skill Power + 10%, PvE Damage + 10% PvE.Iss: Attack Attribute + 100, PvE Damage + 10% PvE.Aeroe: Skill Cooldown -10%, PvE Damage +10% Lilith Soul Crystal Stage 10: PvP.Othell: Skill Power +10%, PvP Damage +10% PvP.Iss: Attack Attribute +100, PvP Damage +10% PvP.Aeroe: Skill Cooldown -10%, PvP Damage +10%. Just a friendly reminder, they work as Third SA Stone! Remember to follow us in Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/DDqPGjH.
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