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  1. Changelog #93

    We planned to post this one the next Monday, when we'd have more work done, but since the server needed a restart due to the OVH network problems let's do it now. General: Elcyum has been added into the auctions. Items: Chaos Essence is now destroyable. Chaos Essence - Dual Class is now destroyable. Skills: Double Casting Aqua Crash has been fixed. Instant Teleport is now more instant and it doesn't remove the target. If you're still having problems to connect, just spam the login process until it eventually goes through. However, it should be solved very soon.
  2. Changelog #92

    Events fixed
  3. Changelog #92

    Yet another small changelog, but this time we hope you like every single change in there! General: Tanzanite debuff immunity has been fixed. Allies shouldn't be auto attackable in PvP zones anymore. The events now create parties automatically. Voting Rewards have been added. Baylor instance has been fixed. Balok instance has been fixed. Skills: Summon Barrier can now be used without summons. Death Gate is now immortal. Skills targetting 1 summon will now be used on your first summon if you don't have any summon selected. Commando Jumping Attack has been fixed. Clan Flag is not usable in events anymore.
  4. Changelog #91

    Auras should work fine now
  5. Khadia Gifts have arrived!

    Nope, but soon we'll support offerings
  6. Khadia Gifts have arrived!

    Banned accounts didn't even get any reward
  7. After a bit more than a week looking idle, I'm finally free from that huge task: khadia gifts. During this coming week I'll be preparing the changelog #92, trying to get back to the previous flow of development activity. So let's get into the gifts thingy: if you played Khadia, now you will find a new character in your accounts. These characters include a small few of the items you had in Khadia, including: Coins of Luck/Gold Einhasads Most relevant epic jewels/talismans (and not more than 1 of each) Appearance items extracted from your gear The Gift characters are at level 0 and using them for anything else than trading the items out of them is not allowed, and to assure that we will be deleting all the Khadia Gift characters with higher level than 0 from time to time. Now let's clear up some facts: All this was done with good intentions, to let Khadians enjoy some of their items and at the same time not to screw Esthus' economy up. For drama queens who got nothing because they didn't play Khadia, this was announced during the opening so if you didn't know it'd happen (or you knew it but didn't say anything about it until now) it's your fault. For drama queens who didn't get as much as they expected, we could have perfectly given you 1 random app item and nothing else. If you still feel like inserting drama in the topic be aware of the consequences, which range from a 2 days ban to an instant character deletion. We also have a tiny ninja changelog! All changes except the last one were already applied during the past week: Cruma Tower has been removed from the Event Locations. Event timer announcements are now less annoying. Killing summons/clones no longer count as PvP kills nor steal adena. Starting characters now have a set of 7-day limited epic jewels. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy it.  
  8. Changelog #91

    post edited, tanzanite now works
  9. Changelog #91

    Server online
  10. Changelog #91

    This week we aim to punish the newbie killers and give the sieges a faster flow. Also, we've been taking a long time in order to implement a new system which 2 skills needed: damage shields. We hope you like the changes! General: From now on you can drop items with just 5 PK points. From now on you need various monsters in order to get Karma out. Fortress guards are now level 103. Bosses now teleport all the command channel, not just 1 party. Doors are a bit weaker now. Skills: Chain heal skills can't heal clan mates anymore during olympiads. Chain heal skills' range has been fixed. Blessing Barrier has been implemented. Knight auras' stacks have been fixed. Items: Tanzanite has been implemented.   EDIT: Time between events has been reduced to 1 hour. Event rewards have been slightly reduced.
  11. Changelog #90

    So there we go, several fixes together with a drastical economy change, in order to prevent adena from devaluing and the epic items to be overpriced. General: When a war is cancelled, it can be re-declared after 3 hours. Ensoul effect replacement has been fixed. Equal augment effects don't stack anymore. Clan/ally buffs/heals don't affect event/oly enemies anymore. Invisibility-blocking debuffs have been fixed. You can't flag anymore when using Bow Strike near a Trap. From now on you can buy Gold Einhasad with Adena. Dragon Claws are now also present in the Merchant NPC. The augments that were giving a wrong bonus amount have been fixed.  
  12. Monthly (superawesomewowzersreward) Event.

    Great job munchy, let's see if it's worth it ^^
  13. Changelog #89

    Nope, and if you get a cloak with app it won't be visible on your char unless you're a castle owner leader >:p
  14. Changelog #89

    Well, if it's not in this changelog it won't magically pop up there, that's what I mean. I prefer you to ask for stuff in the proper forum
  15. Changelog #89