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  1. Yup, after exactly 10 years dating Txell, formerly known as Hidari no Tenshi (during the Tenshi no Sekai times, in which I was Migi no Tenshi) we finally got married! And tomorrow we'll start our Honey Moon to Japan! We'll be back this 30th, but until then I'm leaving the care of the server to my little brother, who will be restarting it whenever necessary. After that, I'll be back to give you some love too ^^ To my beloved trolls: Trash posts will just be deleted, as you will understand I'm not going to dedicate you any second If you don't undestand that my wedding is 1000 times more important than this server's stupid bugs you have a problem. All this has been paid thanks to my current job at TopTal. The total server donations of the last 30 days has been of 95 eur (monthly maintenance costs a bit more). To my oldies from the TnS days: Muchísimas gracias por disfrutar de nuestro trabajo y darnos vuestro soporte durante tanto tiempo! And to everyone too, thanks for playing here and entrusting your joy time to us! PS: This is not a good bye, it´s a see you soon
  2. Changelog #96

    General: Elves can now take Dark Elf subclasses and vice versa. Starting Adena has been increased to 1,500,000. Skills: Storm Sign lvl 4 doesn't bypass debuff immunity anymore. Mentor Harmony buffs cannot be used on non mentee characters anymore. Prophecy of Might's critical damage bonus increased from +20% to +25%. Hero skills can't be used on events anymore. Clan skills can't be used on events anymore. Items: Enhanced Arrows/Bolts don't work on Dragonclaw Weapons anymore. Khadia-rewarded appearance items can finally be used as template for standard app stones. Blessed Antharas' Earring - 7-day time limitation has been added. Blessed Valakas' Necklace - 7-day time limitation has been added. Economy/Farm: Atelia monsters' Adena drop has been doubled. Atelia monsters' given experience has been increased by a 900%.
  3. It's over

    Account it as 5 April's Fool trollings which I missed. It had to be powerful! And remember, this is a private l2 server managed by a trolly bitch (me). You should be aware of that before even giving it a try, since the main philosophy here is that we're inside a game and nothing in there should be taken seriously unless you enjoy brain agony. But I guess that's incompatible with L2 '^^ Earlier I read from someone (ingame) that I'm behaving like a god who always does everything rightbut that then I don't have backups. Excuse me, where did you see such a behavior from my part? By the way, the last backup was taken today just 6hours ago, does that make me a perfect god? :$
  4. It's over

    It has been 5-6 years that I wanted to do this, but I never found the occasion. Until today! Happy fools day The items are there, just relog and you should be fine
  5. It's over

    Omg guys stop making fun of this, it's a really serious matter...
  6. It's over

    Today, while working on the changelog #96 (I was trying to remove the newbies' 7-day Antharas and Valakas jewels), I literally fucked it up. I don't know how it went, what of my commands caused it, but the items database got corrupted and there's no way to retrieve data from it. So basically, the server still gives you items, but when it comes to saving them into the database or retrieving them it can't, so everything is lost upon relog. I've been trying all the possible ways, but it's just all gone. And the worst part is that when I went for the latest backup I realized that the system stopped doing backups 2 months ago... So now I don't know what to do, I'll keep trying to sort it out but that really looks like the end of L2Tenkai u.u I'll keep you updated. Sorry guys...
  7. Changelog #95

    It took less than expected, we're back online!
  8. Changelog #95

    I'm solving some issues with the server right now, it should be back online in 30 min max
  9. Changelog #95

    Party farm zone! We hope you like it. Atelia Fortress zone now has become a hunting zone for parties. Monsters are now level 107, much, much stronger and immune to lethals. The dropped books have changed: now they're Chapter 2. Chapter 1 books are now dropped at Raider Crossroads. When a clan war is stopped, it goes back to declaration state instead of repose. Reputation points spent to end a war are now 1/3 of your clan's points, and you must have at least 500,000. The events party issue has been fixed.
  10. Changelog #94

    I've been having problems with the development environment (it was laggy and sloppy), so I've spent most of my time on fixing that. So we're here with yet another small changelog, but this time with very important changes. All of them will be affecting the economy. PvE damage is now being affected by the huge attack/bonus capper which was already present in PvP All hunting zones' monsters' defenses have been decreased by a ~70%. Elcyum drop from raid bosses has been increased by a 900%. So basically the farming speed gap between Top DW carriers and R99 users has been decreased a lot. While the first ones will farm a bit slowlier now, the latter group will find it much easier to kill monsters. Raid Bosses will be much more difficult to kill, they won't be soloable anymore, but the elcyum they drop will be very worth it.
  11. Changelog #93

    We planned to post this one the next Monday, when we'd have more work done, but since the server needed a restart due to the OVH network problems let's do it now. General: Elcyum has been added into the auctions. Items: Chaos Essence is now destroyable. Chaos Essence - Dual Class is now destroyable. Skills: Double Casting Aqua Crash has been fixed. Instant Teleport is now more instant and it doesn't remove the target. If you're still having problems to connect, just spam the login process until it eventually goes through. However, it should be solved very soon.
  12. Changelog #92

    Events fixed
  13. Changelog #92

    Yet another small changelog, but this time we hope you like every single change in there! General: Tanzanite debuff immunity has been fixed. Allies shouldn't be auto attackable in PvP zones anymore. The events now create parties automatically. Voting Rewards have been added. Baylor instance has been fixed. Balok instance has been fixed. Skills: Summon Barrier can now be used without summons. Death Gate is now immortal. Skills targetting 1 summon will now be used on your first summon if you don't have any summon selected. Commando Jumping Attack has been fixed. Clan Flag is not usable in events anymore.
  14. Changelog #91

    Auras should work fine now
  15. Khadia Gifts have arrived!

    Nope, but soon we'll support offerings