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  1. As you may have noticed, the staff activity has become practically none over the last months, since maintaining a l2 community is a real pain in the ass and personally I don't feel able to improve the server anymore except for these boring-to-fix bugs. That said, recently I've started as a collaborator in a closed-source l2 server project which looks pretty cool and basically got me back to what I enjoyed from this world: collaborative development of a video game. So maybe, and only maybe, I might get back to it. But I'm afraid the current server is not the best to keep working on, and I'm also not sure if there's enough interest. So I'll open a channel for you to discuss about the future of L2Tenkai together, and if it works out it may be useful in a future ;) Join the discussion in https://discord.gg/c2fmmJY
  2. Why do people keep taking us for fools? I should start banning this, really
  3. DWs' Magic attack will be adjusted on the next restart
  4. Click on "Full Check"
  5. We have taken some time, but here it is: basic Helios client support! In order to update, just use our launcher and it will take care of everything for you. Please notice that we haven't implemented any of the new features that update is coming with, we're just setting the client support up first. Also notice that some features may not work properly until we don't update the server again. Thanks for your patience. What changed: ALL the changes on current skills Helios was bringing to us have been implemented. We will have to add new skills and new skill levels, but that's to come yet. Dragonclaw Weapons' P.Atk and M.Atk has been drastically nerfed. Wielders of such weapons will still have an advantage, but not as overwhelming as until now. Overenchant GE/CoL prices have been greatly decreased. Basically, the balance is to be reworked again because of the recent changes, and that will depend on the results we see after this update. Expect everyone to take much longer to die these first days, but also expect that to change very soon. Cool reviews will be taken into consideration, tears penalized. We hope you enjoy these changes and see you soon!
  6. There will not be wipe
  7. The damage of the DWs has never been capped. What's been capped is ALL the damage, and as higher it is the more capped it is. After Helios you will all have shitload more defense, hence I'll have to update the formulas again. The damage soft cap will have to be a bit smaller, so most probably what may happen is that DW damage will stay the same (big nerf + target defense boost + huge unnerf) and R99 damage increase (target defense boost + big unnerf). Stop trying to speak as you knew what works, you only speak on behalf of your own interests and here I have 8 years of experience with server design, maintenance, development and balance. That's my last answer to your attempts to defend your so loved P.Atk. Or maybe you want a wipe? Because I have been suggested that by many already, and this I'm certain it always works. However I'm also certain it would frustrate some of you, hence I also ignore these suggestions. TL,DR: I know what I'm doing, so stop crying.
  8. It's not a good idea, once you have everything you'll run out of reasons to keep playing. What we must do is to make that "everything" suppose just a slight advantage, not a godlike one ^^
  9. What's a waste of time in dev is to work on a 15 years old game (personal opinion of everyone surrounding me, which I'm starting to share given your gratefulness). Nerfing the weapons' attack has taken me 5 minutes, that stupid clone of L2j TvT/Deathmatch Events made by NCSoft and casually called CoC would take many hours to be done and you only want it for the rewards it gives. To the rest of you, Dragonclaw Weapons actually give huge bonuses apart from the ridiculous attack they have, so they would still be worth carrying but the advantage would just become slighter.
  10. We're working on it and it may take a long time, but here a list of what you should be expecting: Important nerf to DW, so that they have as much attack as their Dark Amaranthine equivalent enchanted at +16-25 (that's to decide, but since we're not willing to nerf/remove their passive and active skills it'd be ok). The main goal of doing that is to let R99 carriers to be able to fight Dragon Weapon carriers back. New hunting zone (without geodata ) Hats with stats Huge amount of changes in current skills/items, mostly making everyone more tanky, especially tanks, among other important changes in classes (Helios official updates, we'll balance that afterwards if necessary). New items/enhancements and faction system may come afterwards, so don't expect them by the coming update.
  11. As you may have noticed, I took twice what I said to come back. That's because I have been pretty overwhelmed in my job when I came back from my honey moon, and also because that poor little old game does not motivate my programmer instincts... until a new update comes out! I'm still pretty overwhelmed, but since Helios came out I have been working a bit on the server again. So hopefully I'll have that update ready for you in a couple weeks (or more, don't take my word on ETAs). We have a new staff member on board as well. Welcome, Ichidoji! He will be assiting me with the server: as a GM, by tracking bugs and he might also help in the development as well :D (poor guy). Thanks to everyone for keeping this up! That's for you!
  12. I've been working on cleaning up the server from botters and exploiters, that's why I've been so silent. My apologies.
  13. Right now I've arrived! However, don't expect me to update to the latest version. Maybe we could have client support, but we'll see
  14. Yup, after exactly 10 years dating Txell, formerly known as Hidari no Tenshi (during the Tenshi no Sekai times, in which I was Migi no Tenshi) we finally got married! And tomorrow we'll start our Honey Moon to Japan! We'll be back this 30th, but until then I'm leaving the care of the server to my little brother, who will be restarting it whenever necessary. After that, I'll be back to give you some love too ^^ To my beloved trolls: Trash posts will just be deleted, as you will understand I'm not going to dedicate you any second If you don't undestand that my wedding is 1000 times more important than this server's stupid bugs you have a problem. All this has been paid thanks to my current job at TopTal. The total server donations of the last 30 days has been of 95 eur (monthly maintenance costs a bit more). To my oldies from the TnS days: Muchísimas gracias por disfrutar de nuestro trabajo y darnos vuestro soporte durante tanto tiempo! And to everyone too, thanks for playing here and entrusting your joy time to us! PS: This is not a good bye, it´s a see you soon
  15. General: Elves can now take Dark Elf subclasses and vice versa. Starting Adena has been increased to 1,500,000. Skills: Storm Sign lvl 4 doesn't bypass debuff immunity anymore. Mentor Harmony buffs cannot be used on non mentee characters anymore. Prophecy of Might's critical damage bonus increased from +20% to +25%. Hero skills can't be used on events anymore. Clan skills can't be used on events anymore. Items: Enhanced Arrows/Bolts don't work on Dragonclaw Weapons anymore. Khadia-rewarded appearance items can finally be used as template for standard app stones. Blessed Antharas' Earring - 7-day time limitation has been added. Blessed Valakas' Necklace - 7-day time limitation has been added. Economy/Farm: Atelia monsters' Adena drop has been doubled. Atelia monsters' given experience has been increased by a 900%.