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  1. Long live Tenkai!
  2. Actually, nope!
  3. Esthus is.. just around the corner
  4. "Hablar bien es negocio de particular juicio."

  5. "The cycle will continue and your deaths will mean nothing."

  6. I believe you can now place the swimgear item on the armor appearance stone system.
  7. We have also forgotten to add two item changes to the changelog (they are now added). - Red Valakas Hair Accessory has been added to the Luxury shop (Cosmetic items; Mask/Hats) - Halisha's Helmet has been added to the Luxury shop (Cosmetic items; Mask/Hats)
  8. Awesomium!
  9. It's never too late!
  10. Stun is removed every 4 attacks, not every single attack. Hope this might help