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  1. Changelog #81

    Actually, nope!
  2. Translating...

  3. Esthus Open Beta + Basic Info

    ai laik dis
  4. Esthus Open Beta + Basic Info

          Esthus is.. just around the corner    
  5. Changelog #71

    I believe you can now place the swimgear item on the armor appearance stone system.
  6. Changelog #71

    We have also forgotten to add two item changes to the changelog (they are now added).   - Red Valakas Hair Accessory has been added to the Luxury shop (Cosmetic items; Mask/Hats) - Halisha's Helmet has been added to the Luxury shop (Cosmetic items; Mask/Hats)
  7. Changelog #67

  8. Changelog #66

    It's never too late!
  9. Changelog #64

    Stun is removed every 4 attacks, not every single attack. Hope this might help
  10. A Sad Goodbye To Lastravel

    This is just an endless and useless I vs. You battle. Believe me when I say I'd have closed this topic long ago, but since this is directly affecting Pere, this time it's his decision whether he wants to have the topic closed and when to have it.
  11. A Sad Goodbye To Lastravel

    No one has edited anything, you can check it yourself ;)
  12. Dear all: With the objective to give our players some love, and to fulfill our two-month-ago promise about having GMs in our server, from today on we are in search of kind souls who would be willing to become a GM in our server Khadia. For those interested in becoming a GM, please send an e-mail to pere@pcasafont.net or javil2tenkai@gmail.com and we will send you our application form. For those uninterested, you can always find some candidates! Take care, Javi PS: Personally, I would like to ask you to stay on topic and keep the topic clean. I'll take care of this myself.