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  1. Okey, when i was reading the forum today, the cup overflowed. There're like 90% of threads which don't deserve to exist. So i decided (with Pere's agreement) that I'll clear the forum tomorrow. Do you truly believe that topics such as "Mage is OP" or "Archer killed me" are supposed to be in bug reports? Well, I don't.By announcing this, I'm givin' you a chance to be more careful when you'll create a topic (subject, placement, entire "body" of the post) from now on, cuz it may happen that you won't find your topics tomorrow. Regards, Releis
  2. My new love has alreadt arrived...^^

  3. Still w8ing for my new laptop, unable to play :[

  4. Okey, i spent over 4 hours today, wondering why my math results dont fit the solution. Maybe , i should have checked whether im comparing right set of answers to my results..QQ

  5. Thx for the welcome, i'll do my best.