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   Tenkai's Farewell

Tenkai wants to start off by saying we are very grateful that you guys played here from the old players new players that joined us even the complainers we had / qqrs but unfortunately the time has come for Tenkai to bid a farewell. 

The staff as you noticed is not so active some are busy with school like inia and yomi some of us have more important things unfortunately to tend to then the server to be truthful basically real life stuff, knight as always has tried his best to keep going and he always had one of us in staff to help him with anything he wanted to do but we all talked for few days now and we have come to the agreement its time to let Vasper close. 

So as final words Tenkai will be shutting down the 8th of May which is when the company will shut the server down since we cancelled payment towards them , as always files will be kept with the staff and will not be released, As most of you know Tenkai has had future projects but at this present time we don't have any planned for Tenkai and we probably wont unless we can put forth more time for you guys and be more useful in regards things we were suppose to do 

From Tenkai Vasper Staff we bid you a farewell.


Written by Sylight on 22/4/17 at 2:16 UTC +1

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   Be careful fake tenkai website

Hi, lately we got some report about scam attempt to tenkai account information, so remember never share your account info, and dont send any username and or password and or email to nobody that isnt official tenkai launcher or tenkai forum. Said that we will try to understand from who these poor attempt to scam come to delete old actual and future account creation from these people in tenkai and remember to warn also your friends thanks. Also gm never will ask your password so dont give any info to who claim to be.

Written by Knight on 15/4/17 at 2:23 UTC +1

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   Changelog #6.1 & #7

So basically a combination of two change logs that have honestly passed already that Yomi never posted.

  • Changes
    • Added a new option in our Teleporter to make it easier for people to move on Grand Boss zones.
    • Re-implementation of Main Town system Pere created in a way that makes it easier for us to change Main Towns.
    • Thanks to the reworking of farm zones, newbies will get items in a faster way.
  • Fixes for items/skill
    • Othell Skill corrected to reflect Helios Patch notes now
    • Added missing race skill for Kamaels.
    • Corrected skill 'Chain Blaze'. 
    • Rework of some skills.
    • Correction of Issue regarding new Shirts both Physical and Magical
  • Items
    • Kelbim can now be used as App
    • We have new shirts! Physical Reflect and Magical Reflect Shirt are here.
      • You will be able to get them through a new Altar, available in our Teleporter. In the Other Zones, click on 'Priest of the Sun, Jisoo'.
        • Jisoo can summon two bosses, descendants of the Sun and the Moon, who will reward you with many items, including Shirts. 
    • CpTR5qP.png
  • Farm Zones
    • A whole rework of the current zones. Deleted some of them and moved drops to other zones to make it easier for newbies.
    • We added Giant's Cave as a new farm zone!
      • Giant's Cave will have two zones:
        • The first zone, will be the easier one, for mid-geared players.
        • The second zone, will be the hard one, for full-geared players.
  • Event's
    • PvPZone has been disabled due to abusers. 
  • Balance
    • A complete work of all the classes in term of balance in general damage + their tankiness. 
    • It's not completely done, it will always be reworked based on the current version of Lineage 2.

As for all the questions regarding Grand Crusade, we are planning on doing it but we are not Pere so..... xD.
So don't expect super pro turn. Around at this present time Inia is working on it as best as possible between her school life.

Written by Sylight on 2/4/17 at 0:46 UTC +1

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