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   Current Balance Report

As i stated in Facebook i started to work with more details after talking with Inia and giving me a huge better understanding how the new Balance system works so far i produce decent results from the 3 main classes that were dead * Feoh , Dagger, and tyrr* but i need more test from you guys to better polish it including all the classes we dont use for other new players that might join that want to play. 


Currently Feoh hit a average 35 to 60k depending your class and setup

Daggers are doing around 19 to 45k class and setup etc

Tyrr's i have around 20 to 25k normal dmg and 35 to 45k crits << to be polished more ;3 


but need more of you guys that play including the people you know from that other server that left us because of balance to ask them to test so i can get this shit finished and everybody can be happy playing there classes. 


So when you reply i need a average dmg and i mean how often do you see that and what number and also the highest crit u do on that person and tell me if they are good geared or not.


Have Fun :D 

Written by Sylight on 10/3/17 at 5:54 UTC +1

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   Cap Balance System

Further to previous post regarding new cap balance system, the staff has the necessity to bring you some new rules about how to make a requests or complain about balance, without mentioning again the previous post.

This started since we gave full support to ensure to all people the best gaming experience by using their chars in a test server performing a full geared setup test vs other classes and if in some way we improved the balance of some classes to have less complain and a nice behavior in general and from player to player. We have done some tweaks to classes, since we noticed some were missing damage, or even some were missing a cap. Thanks to people who says "you nerf me/what the/now you make this class op really" and a huge etc, we are taking actions on this.

At first, staff will not share any info anymore about caps damages or any setup regarding each class or race nor individual class setup and stats, except for already stated bugs or news one discovered.

If there is an evidence concerning huge damage difference or mistake (like what happened with Sapphire and Ruby) in description of any skill or ability or stats regarding a single player or the game in general you should have proof and post it on forum with screen and a clear description and even a video where it is necessary.

The already reported bugs, problems, questions will be not be answered so you are suggested to take a look to the forum sometime.

Said that we aren't that tyrans so whoever has some real problem using forum or asking some question he is welcome. He can still use translator since we have people that understand two or even three languages. Whoever that asks for support, since we all have limited time even because Task List is full, we recommend you to ensure you really need support otherwise your requests will be ignored.

Also, we would like to stop the current problem with our Forum Moderator @Wolfiv being called 'edited' by some players or even called 'Game Master'. 
He is nothing but a simple player that helps us to clean forum so we can have an easier work while checking forum. 


Please check also this friendly reminder

Written by Knight on 28/2/17 at 19:08 UTC +1

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   Changelog #6!

At the start, this was going to be a little changelog, but it ended up being a HUGE one. Enjoy it!

  • Changes
    • Added a new Farm Zone: Atelia Fortress!
    • Added 'Blue Cat's Eye' and 'Red Cat's Eye' to our Shop NPC. You can find them in 'Accesories > Brooches' section.
      • Removed them from La Vie En Rose Jewelry Box.
    • Tweaked 'Raider's Crossroads' drops for Superior Giant's Codex from ~1-10 to ~10-20.
    • Fixed minor texts. 
  • Fixes for items/skills
    • Fixed an issue with animation for 'Greater Sapphire'.
    • Fixed an issue with passive skills from 'La Vie En Rose Elegant Brooch'.
    • Fixed an issue with Sigel doing 0 dmg.
    • Fixed an issue with La Vie En Rose Jewelry Box not giving Sapphire and some other jewels.
    • Matched to Helios Skills changelogs.
      • Song of Wisdom
      • Master of Combat
    • Added missing levels from skill 'Air Light'.
  • Items
    • Finally, we have Crafted Jewels completed!
      • You will be able to upgrade the following jewels at 'Event NPC' for a charge of 50 Kail's Coins + your jewel.
        • Lindvior's Earring
        • Blessed Antharas' Earring
        • Blessed Valakas' Necklace
        • Frintezza Soul Necklace
        • Baium's Soul Ring
        • Queen Ant's Soul Ring
      • Upgrade options.
      • XbT7c9A.png
  • Starter Pack
    • We are bringing back the Starter Pack for our newcomers. After a litte hard time making it work, I am happy to bring it to you!
    • This pack will contain the next items:
      • Blessed Antharas Earring (14-days)
      • Lindvior's Earring (14-days)
      • Blessed Valakas Earring (14-days)
      • Tauti's Ring (14-days)
      • Earth Wyrm Heart Ring (14-days)
      • Ruler's Authority (7-days)
    • We think newcomers need to have a chance to fight versus the old players in a short-time, that is why we are bringing the Starter Pack again! 
  • Farm Zones
    • Our new Farm Zone, Atelia Fortress, will allow you to obtain Shiny Coins and Dragon Claws in a low chance if you go with a friendly dwarfie. Also, you can take some Superior Giant's Codex - Chapter 2 if you are lucky enough...
      •  You will have an oportunity to get a good amount of XP if you are at high levels... and if you are at low levels but you have friends, this is perfect for you.
      • The Fortress is meant to be a Party Zone.
        • If you have Dragon Weapons, it should be easy for you with two or three friends.
          • If you have normal weapons, it should be easy for you with a healer and three-five friends.
    • We tweaked 'Raider's Crossroads' drop rates of Superior Giant's Codex from ~1-10 to ~10-20 to make it easier for players to enchant their skills!
  • Events
    • We are bringing you the Elpy Event!
      • This event is like the Stalked Stalkers, but instead of stalking someone with descriptions, you can kill who ever you want to!
      • Some info about it:
        • When you register in the event, you will be transformed into a cute Elpy.
        • You will have 3 HP at your first life.
        • When you kill someone, you will regenerate 1 HP.
        • Every of your hits will do 1 damage.
        • Everyone in this event will have the same Attack Speed and Speed.
        • If you die, you are disqualified.
        • In order to register, you should write '.elpy' when the event is available. 
  • Instances
    • We are so happy of bringing back Instances back to the server! This will give both players, newcomers and olders, and an interesting way to get fun!
    • There are two types of Instances: 
      • Solo Instances.
      • Party Instances.
    • Their reward will be Shiny Coins!
    • If you want to have more information about it, you can check our Dimensional Door NPC 'Leonard' ingame. 

Written by Kunogasai on 24/2/17 at 0:49 UTC +1

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